A Powerflush is the safe, clean and highly effective process that cleans central heating systems, by pumping water and chemicals at a much higher velocity though the heating system.

If your heating system shows any of the following symptoms, then a Powerflush could be the answer;

  • System slow to warm up
  • Some radiators completely or partially cold
  • Do radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Are there ‘kettling’ noises from the boiler
  • Expensive heating bills
  • Dirty system water

Our qualified engineers using the ‘Powerflush machine’ will be able Powerflush your entire heating system in one process.  The process makes no mess and causes minimal disturbance to the home.  At the end of the power flushing process, the system contains fresh water.

Benefits of powerflushing

  • Warmer Radiators
  • Reduce heating costs
  • Warmer hot water
  • Increase lifespan of heating system

When Powerflushing we can make improvements to your system by adding thermostats, and magnetic filters.

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